Other life insurance professionals, lawyers, CPAs, family offices, high net worth individuals and financial planners turn to Richard L. Harris for expert advice on life insurance.

Above all, he understands that life insurance is one tool among many. Determining a need for life insurance, and its utility, is based on each individual’s circumstances and goals.

Questions he is asked range from the basic to the intricate:

  • “Does life insurance make sense in this situation?”
  • “How is it best integrated with the overall estate and financial plan?”
  • “I want to gift a policy. What is its value?”
  • “How can I maximize the benefits of having life insurance in my estate plan?”
  • “How can I optimize the potential return on my life insurance program?”

Every engagement is different—so what matters are experience and the creativity to recognize opportunities while adapting to the most personal concerns.

For more detailed information regarding Richard’s knowledge and experience, see the “Articles” and “About Richard sections.